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Traveling With Your S.O. // Elopement & Adventure Photographer // Lost Keys Media

Dec 3, 2018

Hello! Have an upcoming trip with your significant other and you’ve got a few questions about it, maybe you’ve never gone a trip with your s/o and you are curious. Whatever the reason, I’ll try to answer some of the most asked questions regarding traveling with your significant other. 

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Brittany and am still fairly new to Ohio. My boyfriend, Taylor, and I have been dating for about a year and a half now. Something I love it that we both share a passion for traveling. It has allowed for us to grow together and enrich our relationship in ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.


How do you choose where you want to go and for how long? 

 A few factors can contribute to this: visiting family/friends, an event you are going to, or just because you feel like it. In our experience My suggestion is to use time as an advantage. If you are going to be visiting a place for a certain event then maybe make that a weekend trip as opposed to being able to spend an extended time somewhere and being able to truly enjoy your time traveling. 

For example: 

We took a weekend trip down to Chicago for both of us to see our favorite bands. (They so happened to be preforming on the same night in Chicago but at different locations). It was easier to plan a trip revolving that event rather than a general trip down to Chicago. We still got to experience some of the aspects of Chicago like the METRA (their downtown train system) and local eats. 

For example: 

We went to San Francisco for a week and stayed with his sister. This longer period of time allowed us to not only relax ourselves but leisurely enjoy what we wanted to do. 

What and how much should you do when traveling? 

This answer changes trip by trip. Firstly, how long you are staying greatly changes this answer. Longer trips allow you for more rest time and to pack in several different things over the course of a week or so. Small trips force you to crash-course your way through new places. 

Secondly, you must be open to changes and being flexible. You are traveling with someone else, someone you care about. There will be things you’ll want to do more than your partner and vice versa. You’ll have to compromise and be open to changes on the trip. You may not be able to do everything you personally want to do, but the important thing is balancing out your wants/needs with your partners wants/needs. I think this may be the biggest struggle when on a trip with a significant other, but it is important to communicate and express your wants but also listen to want their wants are too. 

Drive or Fly? 

In my experience if your location is within a 6-hour radius then I would recommend driving, especially with two people being able to drive. Also keep in mind that you will be in close proximity with someone for an extended amount of time and as much as you love your s/o it can be difficult to be that close to someone for that long of a time. So, if you are someone who doesn’t like to be physically around someone that long do not push your limits, flying may be better suited for you.  

Flying I would hold off for bigger/longer trips that are further away. I will say do not be fooled by “budget airlines”. Be careful and try not to be tempted by the 49$ only price you may see. These airlines are great for if you are by yourself and are in a pinch and need something quick but for planned out trips I do not recommend buying with them. Once you add in 2 people, checked/carry-on bags, seat preferences, or if you want any food on the plane, the price for the tickets is about the same as it would be for another commercial airline, except now you are sitting in uncomfortable seats and have no access to wifi. My highest recommendation (since I was a child) is Southwest Airlines. Decently priced tickets that include 2 free checked bags, one personal item, and one carry-on, comfortable seats, access to wifi, and some free soft drink/snack on the plane. It may be a little more than a budget airline but completely worth it. 

How does traveling with someone effect your relationship? 

Traveling with a significant other is a relationship game changer. For us, it showed us how well we work together. You will face external problems and inevitably something will go wrong, but it’s how you work together as a team that shows your long-term potential with someone. I highly recommend traveling with your partner and allowing yourself the opportunity to make your relationship blossom. 

Taylor and I had been seeing each other for a few months, still in that not officially dating but not seeing anyone else phase, when one day, after I found out my favorite artist was playing in Chicago, I had asked him to go with me. Coincidentally enough his favorite artist was playing the same day in Chicago. We decided to carpool up to Chicago together and one of his friends who also like his favorite band tagged along as well. 

Admittingly I was nervous. We had only been seeing each other for a few months and Chicago was 4 ½ hours away, which doesn’t seem like a lot but when you’ve never traveled with someone that long and that far away it’s nerve wracking. Something to keep in mind is that once we went up there, there is no easy way back, so if something bad happens you’re kind of stuck there. Despite nerves, I pitched in on the hotel and we headed off for Chicago. 

I have never been there before and was immediately taken aback by the condensed hugeness of the city. I had been to cities like Austin before which are larger, but everything was way more spaced out. Chicago was a huge city with huge building all packed close together. As I took in the city I really appreciated that I could share this experience with Taylor. It made me feel closer to him that he was now linked to this memory. My artist was playing at this huge event called Taste of Chicago, very similar to Taste of Cincinnati but on a massive scale. Our hotel was smack in the downtown area and the event was at Grant Park, maybe 10 minutes away by METRA (their downtown train system). Again, while I was navigating the city and being flooded with adventure and newness, I kept having this feeling of closeness with him. It reassured me that this felt right between us, that I could look back on this memory and be so glad I had spent it with him. Now when I say Taste of Chicago is huge, Taste of Cincinnati held about 555,000 people, Taste of Chicago held about 1.6 million. I’m fairly good in a crowd, but once you start reaching a million people it becomes a little overwhelming and scary. Taylor could tell how nervous I was getting and put his arm around my hip. Immediately I felt safer and it was so strange that I had never felt that way with anyone before. No one had ever taken the initiative to just hold me and make me feel protected like that. Once we navigated through the crowd over to the spot where my venue was we hugged, and Taylor and his friend left to go to their concert across town. After an amazing concert I was wandering around the venue and saw a man standing with the artists t shirt on and a poster. I greeted him and asked what he was doing, and he pointed down to the artist who was talking to some people back stage. I was freaking out to say the least. We waited until he was done talking and had asked him for some pictures and he said yes. When I say I was frozen I mean I was frozen. Dead. Literally the greatest thing to ever happen to me. My first instinct was “I have to call Taylor.” I didn’t even think about it, it was just instinctually. After crying into the phone, I then called my mom, who under previous circumstances would be the first person I would have call. Again, I found myself integrating Taylor into my memories almost like it was second nature. I made my way back to the hotel and waited for Taylor and his friend to come back. We all shared in our happiness and told stories about our night. 

Something about traveling brings up these several little moments between you and your partner. They are small, and sometimes not even noticeably, but they are telling to where you are in your relationship. It’s the effortlessness you put into including your partner in all these new adventures to where it becomes joined adventures. Linked memories. I like to say this was my favorite trip between the two of us in terms of our growth in our relationship because it was the first one to show me how woven we became during all the new experiences (even ones we didn’t necessarily share in the moment but became joined). 

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